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Manufacturing Awards For 2011

The BEST: Made In America and Build it in America Awards identify, honor and showcase leading American Manufacturers and the products. The Best awardee is acknowledged for a product that is outstanding in its field and both categories for exemplary commitment to manufacturing in the United States. The William Thornton Award is presented to an artisan in recognition of singular achievement.

Each of the awards is designed to focus national attention on the tremendous economic and social value of a strong, sustained, and growing American manufacturing base and the need to support and strengthen American business.

National Advisory Council

  • Peter Bielecky, Bielecky Brothers
  • Dale Denton, Julia Gray Ltd.
  • Alexander Finestone, US House
  • David Locke, Locke & Company
  • William McIlhenny, U.S. State Dept.
  • Gregg Most, National Gallery of Art
  • Jay Paschall, Kindel Furniture
  • Michael Phelps, Washington Examiner
  • Belinda Riggs, Washington Design Center
  • Kai Rodgers, Duralee
  • Erik Winslow, The George Washington University

BEST: Made in America 2011 Award Winner

All American Room Century Furniture

Century Furniture -

Century Furniture, LLC, based in Hickory, NC, was founded in 1947 by Harley F. Shuford. Now in the third generation of family ownership and operation, Century remains as one of the largest domestic family owned furniture manufacturers. Century is committed to their founder’s ideal, to create furniture of such impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it, but also to the craftspeople who build it. Today each Century employee is a shareholder in the company and their commitment and dedication can be seen in every piece of furniture that carries the Century name.

William Thornton 2011 Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship

Keith Fritz -

Keith Fritz in MirrorKeith Fritz and his cadre of artisans offer a luxurious collection of classically modern handcrafted furniture. The company’s pieces provide a clean, elegant aesthetic based on the best of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century furniture design. Each piece is hand made to order using rare and exquisite woods, augmented by meticulously hand rubbed finishes, giving the pieces a signature warm glow. Working in collaboration with each client, Keith Fritz creates the antiques of tomorrow.

Keith Fritz is leading the way in creating the new American classic style while laying the foundation for 21st century furniture production in the United States.


Build it in America 2011 Award Winners

Brighton Pavilion -

Brighton Pavilion produces Jane Keltner custom hand painted furniture. Each piece is bench made in Memphis, Tennessee by highly trained and skilled artisans. The company considers each piece of furniture created to be an individual work of art that is customized for their clients. The company is noted nationwide for its unique color palette, eight step finishing process, and extensive design range. Brighton Pavilion uses only woods suitable to fine hand painting such as Birch, Ash, Poplar and Maple. Brighton Pavilion is respected across the industry not only for their commitment to manufacturing in the USA, but to their employees.

Duralee Furniture -

With a full staff of professional craftsmen in their own 180,000 square foot factory in Morganton, North Carolina, Duralee Fine Furniture proudly bares the tag “Made in the USA”. Created in 2005 as a division of the nearly 60-year old Duralee fabric brand, Duralee Fine Furniture offers frames that have been carefully considered, well detailed, and designed to be loved for a lifetime. Fine craftsmanship and superior materials—including kiln-dried hardwood frames and eight-way hand-tied upholstery—are hallmarks of Duralee Fine Furniture and by providing full customization capabilities, the company optimizes versatility for their discerning professional clientele. Born from a family-run, distinctly American company, Duralee Fine Furniture is committed to expanding the U.S. furniture industry and providing job opportunities within our borders.

Kindel Furniture -

_Kindel Lattice Bed RoomFor over 110 years, Kindel Furniture has manufactured fine hand crafted furniture in the USA. The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and employs a cadre of fine designers and craftsman. Kindel has long been recognized as a singular resource by designers and discerning clientele. Kindel furniture graces the White House, the famed diplomatic reception rooms at the Department of State, Blair house and in countless fine residences around the world.

Kindel handcrafts fine furniture in styles from modern to traditional. The company crafts reproduction pieces from both Winterthur and Mount Vernon, and produces the Dorothy Draper collection in collaboration with famed interior designer Carlton Varney. More recently, the company has launched the innovative HB Home Collection pioneering a new path for the American consumer to source fine furniture. The company, thanks to a renowned American family, the Fisher’s of Muncie, Indiana, continues under the chairmanship of James Fisher, Chairman of the Board, to be a stalwart of American manufacturing.

MacKenzie-Dow -

Unique among furniture manufactures, Mc Kenzie Dow crafts its fine traditional furniture from Wild Black Cherry, an indigenous species found in abundance in the Appalachian Mountains. The distinctive wood has natural imperfections that the company enhances with hand planing and a multi-step finishing process that “let’s nature do the talking”.

The company is committed to environmental responsible wood harvesting and operating in ways that do no harm to the environment. Nothing in the company’s production process goes to waste. Less lumber is left on the cutting floor at Mackenzie Dow because craftsmen don’t cut around the woods natural “defects”. Rather, small knots and splits are incorporated into a piece and allowed to “heal”. Consequently, no two pieces of MacKenzie Dow furniture are alike. The companies furniture can be found in the Greenbrier Resort and Sporting Club; The Hershey Hotel, at the Biltmore Estate and in numerous fine country clubs and private homes.

MacKenzie Dow exemplifies the best qualities of corporate citizenship by striving to provide jobs and preserve the natural environment of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.

McNeilly -

McNeillyMcNeilly Furniture of Lawndale, North Carolina make “good ole’ American” leather furniture. Against great odds, the company is committed to making their complete line of furniture in the USA. Located in the Piedmont section of North Carolina, the company was opened in 2002 by founder Jack McNeilly.

Dedicated to the region, Jack has persevered and continues to employ workers in an area remote from capital markets with high rates of unemployment. By employing best practices, keeping production focused, and overhead lean, the company is able to produce its signature “chairs that recline”, a cut above mass produced recliners.

BEST: Made In America 2010 Award Winner

Bielecky Brothers -


BEST: Made In America 2009 Award Winner

Julia Gray Ltd -