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American Treasures Awards For 2012

The American Treasures Awards are presented annually at the American Treasures Cullinary Experience to individuals and small producers in recognition of a singular and significant contribution to our Nation that both preserves and fosters a unique All American craft and tradition. This year’s awards are being presented to organic growers and craft producers. The winners are carefully selected and vetted through a deliberative process by a National Advisory Committee consisting of individuals with relevant subject matter expertise. A special Congressional Honorary Steering Committee supports the initiative.

2012 America Treasures National Advisory Committee

  • Nicholas Stefanelli, Chair, Bibiana, Washington, DC
  • Derek Brown, Passenger, Washington, DC
  • Simon Epstein, Trumedia, Washington, DC
  • Steve Geddes, Local 127, Cinncinatti, OH
  • Dan O'Brien, Seasonal Pantry, Washington, DC
  • Craig Rogers, Border Springs Farm, Patrick Springs, VA
  • Adam Sobel, Bourbon Steak, Washington, DC
  • Brian Voltaggio, Volt, Frederick, MD

Bittermens Bitters, Brooklyn, New York

BittermensBittermens, Inc. is one of the largest producers of all-natural handcrafted cocktail bitters and flavorings. Founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Avery and Janet Glasser, Bittermens strives to create a new set of flavors that will allow today’s bartenders to create tomorrow’s classic cocktails. From their offices and kitchens in Brooklyn, NY, Bittermens now produces thousands of bottles by hand every month.

Available through their network of distributors and importers, Bittermens products have been embraced by bartenders and cocktail aficionados around the world and have garnered a devoted following for their quality and consistency. In late 2011, Bittermens released a line of bitter liqueurs with the same goal: to provide bartenders with new tools for modern cocktail creation. Within a month of being released, the Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Cordial won a bronze medal at the 2011 New York International Spirits Competition.

Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

Blackberry FarmThe passionate pursuit of Blackberry farm generates a range of heirloom produce from the garden, wild flower honey, farm-fresh eggs, and artisan cheeses from East Friesian sheep. Sustainably harvested ingredients are the essence of their celebrated Foothills Cuisine, and the Farmstead is the gathering place for people and products of the farm. Visitors are encourage you to take part in the farm activities, which will increase their understanding and therefore appreciation of the relationship that we have to the land and to the food it provides us. Meals made of the farm’s bounty are served at The Barn by Executive Chef Joseph Lenn and his team. In addition to housing a dining venue, the 18th century Amish bank barn also hosts the series of culinary programs under the pitch of its Gambreled roof that welcome visiting chefs and wine makers to Blackberry Farm for three days of epicurean delight. The Farm Kitchen in the Gambrel is also where Blackberry Farm’s own farm-based programs such as cheese tastings and cooking demonstrations are held. Descending to where the livestock stalls once were, one discovers a grand cellar dining room flanked on both sides by a beautiful glass enclosed collection of wines.

Carriage House Farm, North Bend, Ohio

Carriage House FarmNestled in the Miami River valley outside the village of North Bend, Ohio, Carriage House Farm has been worked by six generations of family since 1855. This historic location, home to our 9th President William Henry Harrison, is a diverse ecosystem of a patchwork quilt of small farms, parkland, residential communities and floodplain. As their family has grown, so has the farm. What was once a small 90 acre homestead, today includes more than 300 acres of fertile, mostly river bottom, land and woods. They also farm with neighbors by baling hay for the horses, building horse trails, hosting events, and helping out when needed.

Foggy Ridge Cider, Dugspur, Virginia

Foggy Ridge CiderFoggy Ridge Cider, located in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, grows over 30 varieties of heirloom cider apples—Cidermaker Diane Flynt blend uncommon varieties like Ashmead’s Kernel, Harrison, and Hewe’s Crabapple to create four sparkling ciders and two apple ports. Foggy Ridge Cider planted its first test orchard in 1998, and focuses on high tannin American heirloom cider apples, including many apples that have not been widely planted for over a century. Through its apple education group, AppleCorps, they encourage growers to rediscover and propagate American apple varieties that are in danger of being lost. Their cider products have been recognized in state and national competitions, including Gold Medals in the International Eastern Wine Competition and the National Women’s Wine Competition. They have been profiled in Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Esquire, Imbibe and Food & Wine. The cider is sold in top restaurants from New York to South Carolina including Sean Brock's Husk restaurant in Charleston, George Mendes' Aldea in New York and Andrea Reusing's Lantern in Chapel Hill, NC.

George Washington Distillery and Grist Mill, Mount Vernon, Virginia

George Washington Grist Mill & DistilleryGeorge Washington erected a large stone gristmill in 1771 to increase production of flour and cornmeal and to be able to export high quality flour to the West Indies, England, and Europe. In 1797, Washington's Scottish farm manager James Anderson encouraged him to build a whiskey distillery adjacent to the gristmill. The distillery was the largest in America, producing 11,000 gallons of whiskey in 1799, making it one of the most successful economic enterprises at Mount Vernon.

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, Tampa, Kansas

Good ShepardTheir Mission Statement: Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch strives to produce historically authentic Heritage Poultry, grown free range, vegetarian fed without antibiotics for your quality dining. Our objective is to protect APA approved Standard-Bred Poultry. We believe that the best way to do this is by returning them to your dining table. A real heritage turkey refers to 10 specific breeds of turkey. These breeds were raised in the U.S. prior to the 1950s, when the poultry industry began to genetically engineer (through cross breeding) the commodity, broad-breasted white turkeys most people eat today.

Kennys Country Cheese, Barren County, Kentucky

Kenny's Country CheeseIn the early 1990's, Kenny Mattingly of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, whose family milks about 120 dairy cattle in Barren County, Kentucky, was worried about the future of milk as a commercial commodity - and especially about whether he and his family could continue to make a living on their 200-acre farm. After a farm trip to Europe, he returned with a different notion. He was impressed with the way small family farms in Western Europe were finding ways to add value to their products and market to their local communities. In 1998, he started using some of their milk to produce Gouda cheese using Old World, handmade techniques. That first year, they made about 4,000 pounds of cheese. Last year, they produced 70,000 pounds of cheese in many varieties. The work begins at 4 a.m. with the milking. The cows are raised without synthetic hormones and supplement their pasture diet with corn and hay grown on the family's farm. The raw milk is piped to a sanitary, all-white room that looks like a science lab - more precisely, a cheese laboratory. Mattingly fills a large stainless steel vat with the fresh, unprocessed raw milk, constantly stirring, heating and adding a bacterial culture from France that naturally begins the conversion to cheese. Because the milk is so fresh, pasteurizing is not necessary. Two extra touches that he believes make his cheese more special for his customers are coagulating the cheese with vegetable-based rennet, to make it more acceptable to vegetarians and handcutting/ packaging each block or round of cheese.

Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, Monterey, Tennessee

Muddy Pond SorghumWhat Is Sorghum Syrup? It is made from the juice of sorghum cane. Muddy Pond Sorghum is pure sorghum syrup with no additives. Don't mistake sorghum syrup for molasses. Molasses is the by-product of the sugar making industry. Sugar cane juice is boiled down to make sugar and the syrup that is left is called molasses. It is usually strong and dark. Sorghum syrup is mild and can be eaten alone or on biscuits, rolls, and toast. It is also good in baked beans, barbeque sauce, gingerbread, popcorn balls, cookies, pies, and cakes.

Quady Winery, Madera, California

Quady WineryLong before the cocktail revolution had set in, Andrew Quady decided to experiment with creating a craft vermouth that anticipated the curve. His vermouth takes a twist too and introduces new botanicals that are locally grown. Even after the onslaught of trendy vermouths, this remains the United States' top craft vermouth.

Scott's Bar-B-Que, Hemingway, South Carolina

Scott's Bar-B-QueWelcome to the one and only world famous Scott's Bar-B-Que! Located in Hemingway, South Carolina, it is just a stones throw from Myrtle Beach. Scott's Bar-B-Que has been serving downhome pit-cooked bar-b-que for over thirty years and they love what we do. Scott's Bar-B-Que, built their own wood-burning pits to slow cook the whole hog overnight. Come morning, they are ready to sell their mouth watering bar-b-que with a side of skins and the secret family sauce. It doesn't get any better than Scott's Bar-B-Que. Local or long distance, stop by and taste the love.

White Oak Pastures, Bluffton, Georgia

White Oak PasturesWhite Oak Pastures is a multigenerational family farm that cooperates with nature to produce artisan products that are healthy, safe, nutritious and delicious. Care is given to ensure that all of their production practices are economically practical, ecologically sustainable, and that our animals are always humanely treated. They never falter in their determination to conduct business in an honorable manner,for the sake of the animals, the land, and the people who eat their products.